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Here are some examples of our maille jewelry.  Due to the modular nature of maille, and the numerous weaves available to the mailler, these designs are the merest hint of what we can make.  If you don't see what you want, write us.  We'll be happy to talk to you about making it real.


A very simple European 4-in-1 bracelet, from 3/16" rings in aluminum and copper.  The design draws attention, but is not gaudy.  We can make this bracelet in any combination of materials.  As shown, $10.00 bracelet2.jpg (81050 bytes)
A personal favorite, this European 4-in-1 choker in 3/16" bright aluminum is simple, yet elegant and attention-grabbing.  The jewels and dangles below each dag are, of course, open to change according to your preference.  As shown, $32.00 neckpurp.jpg (70020 bytes)
A nice choker in 3/16" copper, European 4-in-1, with a mobius dangle beneath the dag.  As shown, $19.00 copperchoker.jpg (62377 bytes)
A handflower or slave bracelet.  The beads are available in nearly any color, and the bracelet material can be changed from aluminum.  As shown, $20.00 h_flower.jpg (67964 bytes)
This ring is made from stainless steel, in a European 6-in-1 pattern.  It is a size 9, and consists of over 200 1/8" diameter rings.  Naturally, we would need to know your ring size.  As shown, $29.00 ring.jpg (71993 bytes)