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Here we have garments made of maille.  If you don't see what you want, write us.  We'll be happy to talk to you about making it.


This is a halter top of my own design, after the style when I was a lad.  We require a few measurements, and the price varies by how much we have to alter the original design.  As shown, $325.00 halter_on.jpg (76570 bytes)
This is a chain shirt appropriate for a child.  The sleeve flaps allow unprecedented freedom of movement (we all know how kids love their freedom) while maintaining the feel of a "grownup" shirt.  The aluminum rings used in construction keep it light enough to wear all day.  The hems are done in a half-persian weave, in the color of your choice.  This is sized for a 5-6-year-old, and can be altered to fit any child.  As shown, $175.00 belshirtB.jpg (62853 bytes)
This coif is made from stainless steel and brass, and fits from 12-year-olds up to adults.  We can resize in extreme cases.  As shown, it weighs approximately 6 pounds, and is $175.00

In aluminum, the coif would weigh closer to 2 pounds, and the price would be $120.00

coif.jpg (749873 bytes)
A tie made in bright-finish aluminum and copper, in the beautiful DragonScale weave.  It attaches under the collar with a comfortable fabric strap and VelcroŽ.

You can make a REAL impression with this tie.  Power ties, move over.  $75.00

tie2.jpg (92044 bytes)