NE NG 2002


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Here are some pictures from the first New England Nano-Gathering, June 2002.


One of the first orders of business would, of course, be dinner.  And yes, wine is a necessary ingredient. NENGdinner.jpg (167648 bytes)
A very nice cross inlay that Simon made years ago. NENGcross1.jpg (271511 bytes)
JV in Simon's galvanized and copper coif.  Man, that thing's heavy. NENGJV1.jpg (106937 bytes)
We decided to try a collaborative inlay as our project. NENGlion1.jpg (101299 bytes)
The cat was obviously interested in what we were doing. NENGpacawac1.jpg (145081 bytes)
See? NENGworking1.jpg (166263 bytes)
She was just totally absorbed.  Or else she was ticked off that SHE wasn't getting all the attention she deserved. NENGJV2.jpg (121747 bytes)
Simon working hard. NENGworking2.jpg (48518 bytes)
I think we bored the dog to death. NENGxena1.jpg (39560 bytes)
My son really got into it. NENGTres1.jpg (94814 bytes)
My daughter played with the rats. NENGbelcali.jpg (69804 bytes)
But we got it finished, a little over 2,100 rings later, aluminum, brass, copper, and anodized aluminum.  Took us about 6-7 hours, all told. NENGLionFin.jpg (628619 bytes)