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Here are some pictures from the third East Coast Gathering in NJ, July 2002.


Buddha and Lady Lockeout, chillin' buddhalocke.jpg (125877 bytes)
More chillin' buddhalockesepia.jpg (91019 bytes)
Some hottie's feet. Feet.jpg (53117 bytes)
Jeff expounding on some esoteric topic Jeff.jpg (143885 bytes)
kllr_wolf obviously had something to say (like, "what does 'baffled' mean?") kllrwolf.jpg (100231 bytes)
The morning after was apparently very tiring (kllr_wolf (left), Cinnibar, Lady Lockeout, and Buddha (supine)) KWBCLmorning.jpg (143596 bytes)
Caught Leanashe and Morbid Miss being domestic

We now have proof

leanmissmorning.jpg (108091 bytes)
Lady Lockeout, looking very much like the morning sun hurts locke.jpg (160025 bytes)
Some of LL's tribute lockesbooty.jpg (183930 bytes)
Leanashe and Morbid Miss, hard at work, and not domestic 'tall MissLeanWork.jpg (169135 bytes)
maillemaster losing a fight with a bundle of 24-gauge titanium MM_Ti.jpg (141753 bytes)
Morbid Miss is not ALWAYS morbid morbidmiss.jpg (149659 bytes)
no, this is NOT as bad as it looks (I swear.  really.) morning.jpg (104972 bytes)
Caffeine is the order of the day (after) morningmiss.jpg (128786 bytes)
Morbid Miss is one hot mama, even in sepia morningsepia.jpg (108506 bytes)
Buddha, Lady Lockeout, and bits of Leanashe and Cinnibar working hard working1.jpg (270943 bytes)
More of the same working2.jpg (67434 bytes)
Again (and stop trying to steal the M&M's, Cinnibar) working3.jpg (243233 bytes)
More and more and MORE caffeine (and some mailling) working4.jpg (126361 bytes)